Joachim Schmettau

Joachim Schmettau (* 5. February 1937 in bath Doberan) is a German sculptor.

Schmettau lives since 1945 in Berlin.

Since 1967 it is member in the German artist federation and initial member of the group of “aspects” the citizen of Berlin critical materialists. Its first work is in sandstone as well as gypsum and stucco. Into 60's it began also to combine different materials (bronze, glass) and the surface extremely to smooth. Figurative and geometrical elements are connected, so that altogether the work appears driven to an intensive wording. Extensive is also the work for the public area (front relief, well among other things).

public projects

  • 1968 gallery Strecker, Berlin
  • 1971-2002 Professur university of the arts, Berlin
  • 1972 initial member of the group aspect
  • 1980 art association Hanover; Gallery Lietzow, Berlin
  • 1987 new citizen of Berlin art association, Berlin
  • 1993 gallery EH polling, Berlin
  • 2000 national porcelain Manufaktur Meissen, Leipzig; Gallery center, Berlin; Gallery Artis, Darmstadt
  • 2000 lock Wiligrad, Lübstorf
  • 2002 gallery EH polling, Berlin; Art association Wiligrad, Lübstorf


  • 08. July 2004 - 28. August 2004

SUMMER DESIRE - FEATS gallery Rothe, Frankfurt

  • 11. November 2002 - 03. January 2003

Joachim Schmettau: New sculptures gallery EH polling, Berlin

  • 25. September 1987 - 25. October 1987

Joachim Schmettau of new citizen of Berlin art association


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