Joachim Siol

Joachim Siol (* 22. November 1937 in gold mountain (Złotoryja), Schlesien) was from 1988 to 2002 judges at the Federal High Court.

Siol occurred 1955 as Kanzleilehrling the law service of the country Lower Saxony . 1957 became Siol right male nurse candidate and existed 1960 the right male nurse examination and could thus into the elevated service change. Only 1963 began Siol the study of the jurisprudence; the legal training locked it 1971 , according to which it returned as Gerichtsassessor to the higher law service of the country Lower Saxony. 1974 were appointed Siol the judge at the regional court Hanover.

After a delegation as scientific coworkers to the Federal Constitutional Court Siol was appointed 1979 the judge at the higher regional court and 1987 the chairman Richter at the higher regional court. In both functions Siol at the higher regional court Oldenburg was active.

During the entire time of its activity at the Federal High Court Siol worked in its XI. Civil court of appeal, last as its a deputy chairman. From 1991 to 2002 it was besides member of the judge service court of the federation.


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