Joachim Wolff

Joachim Wolff (* 22. July 1920 in Stargard (Pommern); † 30. November 2000) was a German actor and speaker.

Joachim Wolff was trained by that Hamburg theatre leader and actor Helmut Gmelin. Afterwards commitments at different stages, among other things in Hamburg, followed Bremen and Luebeck.

Joachim Wolff was active also for sound broadcasting and worked for the school radio of the NDR. Starting from the 1950er years it became popular by numerous Filmrollen, however never got a larger main role.

Also on the television he was frequent in series like the country doctor, large city district, to see steel net or rival of the course. In addition, it was located here always in the “second row”.

By its salient voice, which he could adjust at will, it was very in demand as radio play speakers. Wolff had innumerable appearances with Hamburg labels Europe and worked in productions how: The three???, TKKG, the Gruselserie or Pitje puck also. A gloss role was those professor Bienlein in Tim and Struppi.

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