Joan Bennett

Joan Bennett (* 27. February 1910 in Palisades, new jersey; † 7. December 1990 in Scarsdale, New York) was an US-American actress.

Bennett comes of itself an actor family, to in 18. Century to retrace leaves. Their parents were in its earliest youth constantly on theatre tour across the USA, so that Joan Bennett with close friends of the family buildup. With four years it stood for the first time on the stage. Was to be seen one year later for the first time it in a film. Starting from 1928 it is then active excluding as a film actress and competed with its sister Constance Bennett.

It was at first with roofridge national under contract and played roles, those by Loretta Young was often rejected (Moby thick, Disraeli). Later, under contract with the Fox, it was often to be seen at the side of the young Spencer Tracy. 1933 participated Joan Bennett in the Katherine Hepburn classical author small Mrs. (Little Women) as Amy.

The career got however only after 1934 a thrust, when it stood for Paramount under contract. Beside Bing Crosby and W.C. Fields played it in Mississippi, beside Claudette Colbert, Charles Boyer and Joel McCrea into private Worlds.

Their talent for easy comedies placed it beside Cary Grant in Wedding Present and bends Brown Eyes, both to 1936, under proof.

1938 received the actress much publicity, as it for the film trade of wind the blond hair A là Hedy Lamarr to color brünett left themselves and this Look (inklusvive central vertices) up to the end of the career maintained. 1939 belonged measure Bennett to the closest candidate inside for the role of the Scarlett O'Hara into Gone With The wind. Nur von ihr und Paulette Goddard wurden überhaupt Farbaufnahmen gemacht. At the end Vivien Leigh got the role.

After its married man at that time down-shot roll ago Wanger 1952 their lover before the entry door, the scandal destroyed its career and it played its last good role of 1956 in Douglas Sirks There's Always Tomorrow.

End of the 60iger years became measures Bennett of a broad public admits by the co-operation at the TV-series Dark Shadows, which justified to today popular category of the Mystery series.

Joan Bennett was four times married and had from the first three marriages four daughters. When it died 1990 after a cardiac infarct, she was thirteenfold grandmother.


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