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Joan Miró in Barcelona (1935)

Joan Miró (* 20. April 1893 in Mont Roig del Camp with Tarragona (Katalonien/Spain); † 25. December 1983 in Palma de Mallorca) was a Katalane, a Spanish painter, a commercial artist and a sculptor and a representativethe Surrealismus.

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Miró was born 1893 as a son of a Goldschmieds in Mont Roig del Camp with Tarragona (Katalonien/Spain). When desired the father completes Miró commercial training, takeshowever besides still art instruction.1910 - 1911 he works as an accountant, until a Nervenzusammenbruch convinces the father that the commercial occupation for Miró is unsuitable.

Woman and bird (1982), (Barcelona)

thereupon it begins 1912 a study at the academy of arts in Barcelona. 1920 it travelsfirst time to Paris, where he draws to the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. 1926 works it and max Ernst on the scenery for Romeo and Julia. In the same year its father in Mont dies - Roig. 1927 pull Miró after Cité of the Fusains andthus among other things max has Ernst, Jean Arp and Pierre Bonn pool of broadcasting corporations as a neighbour. In the year 1928 he becomes acquainted with into of Paris the sculptor Alexander Calder , with which a lifelong friendship him is to connect, which reflects itself also in its works.

Miró marries in October 1929 Pilar Juncosa in Palma de Mallorca. After the return to the house of its childhood 1932 he becomes acquainted with 1933 Wassily Kandinsky . In the year of the death of its nut/mother 1944 it begins with ceramic(s) work and with bronze sculptures.

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1956 shifts Miró its firm domicileafter Palma de Mallorca. Son Abrines is sketched and built by Mirós brother-in-law, so that Joan Miró and his Mrs. Pilar Juncosa 1958 can draw in. In the same year Miró with the doping of the international Guggenheimpreises acquires the adjacent Son Boter, which originally as sculpture workshopwas planned, but becomes in the course of the time his second Malstudio. Josep Lluís Sert, a special friend Mirós takes over the building of a workshop on the area. The director of the Graduate School OF Design in Harvard is considered as a Wortführer of the European avant-garde of architecture.When connoisseur of the thought world Mirós creates Sert a poetic and functional area, in which Miró can bring its artistic process to the high point.

“(...) my dream, if I can really establish myself somewhere, is not, to have a large workshop so much because of the lighting,(...) separate around place to have, for many canvases, because the more I work, the more desire have I to work. “
Joan Miró

from concern, its creative surrounding field could turn out into oblivion or disappear completely, hands to Miró over a part of its possession as donation of the city administrationof Palma. Due to the donation in the year 1981 the donation “Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró A Mallorca” is created.

Joan Miró: Fassade des Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen (1979)
Joan Miró: Front William chop museum, Ludwigshafen (1979)
“(...) I wish not that a daily here possibly one of these terrible Wolkenkratzer builtbecome, me from all sides surround (...) the idea the fact that a daily a suggestion hammer the walls of Son Boter to down-tear and the pictures could be lost there always pursues me day and night… “
Joan Miró

to 25. December 1983 dies Joan Miró inPalma de Mallorca and is buried solemnly in the family grave. His only daughter, Maria Dolors Miró Juncosa, honorary chairman of the Miró donations (Fundació Joan Miró [1]) in Barcelona and Palma, dies at the end of of December 2004 at the age of 74 years in Palma de Mallorca. After itsDeath inspired it artists like the Irish-American painter matt Lamb.

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