Joannes Philippus Roothaan

Joannes Philippus Roothaan (* 23. November 1785 in Amsterdam; † 8. May 1853 in Rome) was the 25. General of the Societas Jesu.


the origins of the family Roothaan lie in Frankfurt/Main. From there it emigrierte to Amsterdam, where it converted from the Evangelist to the catholic faith. Roothaan was the son of the surgeon Matthias Egbert Roothaan and its wife Marie Angela Ter refuge. It visited the High School , which it already successfully terminated with 16 years in Amsterdam. Subsequently, it changed a kind private university there on the Athenäum illustrum, to Professor. Jakob van Lennep.

To 30. June 1804 occurred Roothaan the medal and began its Noviziat in Dünaburg. To 21. June 1806 he put the Profess down and worked until 1809 at the there High School. Subsequently, Roothaan at the medal academy of Polozk studied philosophy and theology.

In January 1812 Roothaan received the Priesterweihe and as such in the same year still as a professor for Rhetorik to the Ordenskolleg Pusza was appointed. In the years 1816 to 1820 it worked at the Kolleg in Orscha. In March 1820 all members of the medal from Russia were expelled.

Its zwölfwöchige escape found in Brieg, Kt. Whale-read an end. There Roothaan found a new field of activity as a lecturer. After different functions of the administration one appointed it with effect of 22. June 1823 to the director/conductor of the Kollegs in Rome.

As to 29. January 1829 of the 24. General of the medal, Aloisius Fortis, died selected the general assembly of the medal to 9. July 1829 Joannes Phillipus Roothaan to 25. General of the society.

The most important task in its new office was the stabilization of the medal, that only 1814 by Pope Pius VII. again permitted was. While the revolution Roothaan Rome had to leave 1848. This circumstance used it to an inspection journey Europe through nearly completely.

Only at the end of January 1850 could return Roothaan to the nut/mother house of the medal. After long serious illness Roothaan died to 8. May 1853 at the age of 50 years. Its successor became Pierre Jean Beckx.

Since Joannes Phillipus Roothaan became with far parts of the population in the call of a holy one, 1927 in the Vatikan a blessed speaking introduced.


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