Joaquim de Almeida

Joaquim de Almeida (* 15. March 1957 in Lisbon, Portugal) is an Portuguese-US-American actor.


Joaquim de Almeida left its homeland at the age of 18 years and lived a time long in Vienna. After its wedding with a beginning Pianistin it pulled 1977 to New York. There de Almeida discovered the looking plaything for itself and gave 1982 to the mercenaries its debut. Joaquim de Almeida predominantly plays in Portuguese, Spanish and französischsprachigen films. To its most well-known Hollywood - films count the trust with Harrison Ford and Willem Dafoe, as well as Desperado. There is it at the side of Antonio gang-races and Salma Hayek to see. Joaquim de Almeida kept the price golden to 1992 as best actors Cairo of the Filmfestivals for Retrato de Família, as well as 1997 one Globe from Portugal. In addition it played a Mexican drug baron in the third relay of the TV serial 24. For this role he was nominated in the year 2005 together with the play ensemble by 24 for a screen Actors Guild Award.

Since that 8. October 2005 possesses Joaquim de Almeida the US-American nationality.


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