Joaquin Miller

Joaquin Miller, actually Cincinnatus Hiner Miller, (* 10. March 1839 in Liberty, Indiana; † 17. February 1913 in Oakland, California) was an US-American writer.

Miller's date of birth is contentious. Apart from the official date becomes occasionally also the 10. November 1841 indicated.

Miller's parents were Quäker. 1852 emigrated it after Oregon , where they established themselves as Farmer in the valley of the Willamette river. During gold fever Miller went to California, in order to work in several Schürfercamps. In the following years it - according to own data - was complicated into fights with Indians, with whom it was repeated wounded. Possibly it acts thereby however over in the adventurous superelevated narrations.

Surely however it is that Miller in Oregon studied law and afterwards as Goldsucher to Idaho went. At the beginning of the civil war it was again in Oregon, where it a newspaper, which acquired Eugene town center Democratic register and as a journalist and publisher was active.

1868 appeared its first book, a poem volume. it went to 1870 to England, where it became rapid the literary sensation, to which its role as more American Naturbur, which had experienced gold fever and had fought with the Indians, did not contribute, little.

1883 returned Miller to the USA and established themselves in Oakland. During gold fever in Alaska Miller went to Klondike, of where out he reported as a journalist and allegedly also even some gold dug.


  • Specimens. 1868
  • Pacific Poems. 1870
  • Songs OF the Sierras. 1871
  • would run Among the Modocs. 1873
  • MEMORies and Rime. 1874
  • Songs OF buzzer of country. 1892

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