Jobst Anton from over there

Jobst Anton from over there (* 11. August 1718 in Hanover, † 15. January 1784 in Hanover) was a German lawyer, post office master, an office man, as well as an important Landwirtschaftsreformer in the cure principality Hanover. In addition on its Veranlassung one of the earliest English landscape gardens of Germany was put on.

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lives and work

Jobst Anton from over there became at the 11. August 1718 as a son of the upper post office commissioner Ernst Andreas from over there in Hanover born. To law studies in Goettingen it went starting from 1737 on an education journey through the Netherlands, France and Great Britain.


since 1760 it began the place of an office man of the monastery property Marienwerder with Hanover. In this office it converted the experiences won in England and became in the consequence one the important Landwirtschaftsreformer in the hannöverschen region.

It transformed the monastery property to a agricultural Mustergut and tested there modern agricultural devices and agricultural techniques, which it had seen in England. In the year 1764 Jobst Anton from over there initial member was - following English models and when desired from George III., Cure prince of Hanover and king of Great Britain, created - royal Landwirthschaftsgesellschaft to Celle, one the most important in Germany. Legationsrat from over there opened also their first meeting.


reached building separately director as a first hannöverscher building separately director that George IIITH, “unterm 4. May 1764 allergnädigst geruhet for the construction of roads of 12,000 valleys out dero same Cammer Revenuen to grant ", with which the basis of engineer-moderate and central organized road construction in the cure principality Hanover was put.

Hinüber landscape gardens

on a second England journey 1766-1767 it visited different English landscape parks. After its return it left 1774 a landscape park before its city hall at the Hinüber post office yard in Hanover (before the stone gate, at whom Celler destroys road, today), as well as (in the fundamentals this very day the existing) about 40 hectares comprehensive “Hinüber garden” at the monastery in Marienwerder puts on.

The Hinüber gardens belong to the first landscape gardens of Germany, in the time of origin are them to the famous Wörlitzer park or Goethe's park to the Ilm in Weimar to be set.

By Hinübers park in Marienwerder was arranged in the style of a Jardin anglo chinois. The plant so e.g. contained different Staffagebauten. a “witch tower” (artificial ruin), a “Chinese pavilion” and a Grotte on the bank of the large pond, on which venezianische cars swam and were put on in that a flower island. From intended over there beyond that the harmonious unit of arranged landscape and agricultural use in the sense of a so-called ornamented farm. The attendance of its garden is to have been for educated guests of the cure principality Hanover obligation program.

The Hinüber garden in Marienwerder was transformed after its original investment never, remained thus in the essential structures until today. The buildings purged however and the plant of wild ores gradually. In the context of the project “city as garden” to the world exhibition EXPO 2000 the park plant - with exception of the lost buildings - was to a large extent again prepared after historical model.


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