Jobst Plog

Jobst Plog (* 26. February 1941 in Hanover) is since that 15. January 1991 director of the NDR. In the course of the management by the NDR it was from the 1. January 2003 to 31. December 2004 for the second time chairmen of the pool of broadcasting corporations. Plog held this office for the first time in the years 1993 and 1994. Its successor since 1. January 2005 is the director of the Bavarian broadcast, Thomas Gruber.

Plog originates from a journalist family. Its father was founder of the German general Sundays sheet and late editor-in-chief of the Hannover general newspaper.

1956 came Plog for a Schüleraustausch for the first time to France and are since then with the country of much obliged. It studied in Hamburg, Goettingen and Paris law. Starting from 1970 he worked as an attorney. 1972 he transferred a partnership in a hannoverschen partnership. 1977 began to work Plog at north Germans the broadcast as Justiziar. 1980 he already became deputy director of the NDR. Besides Plog from 1999 was to 2002 a president with the French-German culture channel ARTE. The return of the federal league football to sport-look the pool of broadcasting corporations is Plog to be added.

Since 1999 Plog organizes seminars together with Hubertus Gersdorf regularly to the broadcast right at the University of Rostock.

Plog received numerous honors. It became 1998 knights of the French Ehrenlegion, and received to 1999 the Order of Merit 1. Class. For its earnings/services to the French-German culture channel ARTE it received in December 2002 from the French Secretary of cultural affairs to the medal Les kind et les Lettres. To 28. June 2005 got Plog into of Paris the Ehrenpreis of this year of the French-German culture advice. Plog kept the honor common with ARTE president Jérôme Clement and the former Second Channel of German Television director Dieter pride than „founders and Bewahrer from ARTE “.

Plog a lover of art and literature is private. It is trailer of the fiber plastic pc. Pauli and inspired racing cycle driver. It drives distances from over 800 kilometers of length, so for example from the Atlantic coast until to Southern France, and participates annually with large success in the pool of broadcasting corporations wheel championship.

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