Yokes Pützenbacher

yokes Pützenbacher (* 9. March 1939 in Solingen) is a well-known German radio moderator.

The broadcast career, of the learned hairdresser master, Maskenbildners and occupation school teacher born in Haan with Solingen began 1970, as it as a speaker with the German program of radio Luxembourg (RTL) was engaged. 1973 made it the director of program at that time Frank Elstner the chief speaker (late maintenance boss).

In RTL sound broadcasting he was in the 1970er and 1980er years the unquestioned star under the moderators. It has a break-through as TV-moderator despite some attempts (e.g. “Micro macro” with the WDR, “with vice and violin” with Southwestern German Broadcasting Corporation, those TV-adaptation of its radio ending” one day like no different one “with RTLplus) never reaches. Pützenbacher moderated today still isolates Galaveranstaltungen and is regularly lecturer at the German radio academy in Dortmund.


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