Yokes Riebel

yokes Riebel (* 25. March 1945 in waiter Hilbersheim, Rhinehesse) is a German politician (CDU). Until 2006 he was a Minister for federation and European affairs in the hessian state chancellery.


of 1984 - 1989 he was mayor of Frankenthal (Pfalz), from 1990 - 1999 land advice of the Main rope US circle, of 1999 2000 undersecretary of state in the hessian Ministry of finances.

In the year 2000 Riebel was appointed into the federal state government by Hessen and functioned until April 2003 as hessian Ministers for federation and European affairs as well as boss of the state chancellery. In April 2003 he became a Minister of State in the hessian state chancellery with the task of federation and European affairs. From this office Riebel became by the hessian Prime Minister Roland cook to 22. February 2006 with effect of 31. March dismisses. Its successor is peoples hopes.

Riebel is catholic and married.

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