Jodhpur boot

that Jodhpur boat (or Jodhpur boots) is a überknöchelhohes boot model with flat paragraph, which has ring an adjustable belt running around the shank in Knöchelhöhe and no further ornaments shows.

Original Jodhpur mit Riemenbefestigung im Schuhboden (Grenson)
To original Jodhpur with belt attachment in the shoe soil (Grenson)
Jodhpur with belt attachment at the shank (Grenson)

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whole clearly is the origin of this boot model. One assumes in India stationed British soldiers invented this shoe, because it was suitable for riding and was airier as the up to then common boots. According to other sources this boot model is to have been invented by the Maharadscha of Jodhpur.


as well as special riding trousers (Jodhpurhose) is this shoe model a short riding boot. Owing to the belt the trousers can be fixed, so that it does not slip from the shank. However the Jodhpur, particularly in the more expensive frame-sewn building method, made itself also many friends off the horse haven. It ranks since over fifty years among the classical gentleman shoe models and is in all collections of the well-known offerers of frame-sewn footwear.


gives the Jodhpur in the original building method with the belt attachment in the shoe soil as well as the simpler models, with which the belt is sewn to the shank laterally. Shoe connoisseurs prefer the more complex (and expensive) variant, rider the simpler variant, because the belt must be occasionally exchanged by friction at the stirrup. The illustration of the black Jodhpurs is an example of the more complex variant, the brown Jodhpur shows the belt process of the simpler Schaftschnitts deviating from it.


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