Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier

birth name Joseph William Frazier
weight class heavyweight
nationality US-American
birthday 12. January 1944
place of birth Beaufort
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.82 m
combat statistics
of fights of 37
victories 32
KO of victories 27
defeats 4
undecided 1
no valuation

Joseph “Joe” William Frazier (* 12. January 1944 in Beaufort, South Carolina) is an US-American Boxer and a former world champion in the heavyweight. Its combat name read Smokin' Joe.

Frazier, which had 12 brothers and sisters, buildup in a rural area in South Carolina. With 15 years it went first to New York, later then to Philadelphia and began there its box career. According to own data it hit on the slaughterhouse on cattle halves, which built Sylvester Stallone into its filmRocky “, which plays also in Philadelphia.

It lost Buster Mathis as an amateur against its compatriot, but this hurt at the hand and drove itself Frazier in such a way to the olympic plays 1964 into Tokyo, where it won the gold medal scarcely against the German Hans Huber.

Afterwards it became professional and won its first fight, against Woody poured, to 16. August 1965 by technical KO (TKO) in the first round. Also its it won next 18 fights, of it 16 by cost. Thereby above all its condition, if it came into rolling, was not outstanding resisted it anybody more. Fraziers best impact was its left hook. Its chin was however not particularly solid, then it had against the weak Puncher OSCAR Bonavena two times to soil. Here also a second deficiency of his combat technique, it showed up always needed several rounds, in order to come correctly in full swing, both precipitation was in the second round.

Its coach was Eddie Futch, which cared for also Ken Norton and late Riddick Bowe.

To 4. It won March 1968 in the New Yorker Madison Square guards the vakanten Meistertitel the New York State Athletic Commission (from that the WBC title became) against its old opponent from amateur times, Buster Mathis SR., by TKO in the 11. Round. It defended this title to 1969 four times. At this time the WM-titles were divided. After the legal problems Muhammad Alis organized the competitive WBA a tournament of the alleged top people, in which Frazier did not want to participate however.

To 16. February 1970 took place then a combination of the titles. He became world champion of the federations World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council by a victory against the former Mittelgewichtler Jimmy Ellis, that after two precipitation in round 4 no more 5. Round began.

To 8. March 1971 fought to Frazier for the first time against Muhammad Ali, one to most expected heavyweight title fights of all times. Both Fighter took at that time very high sum of 2,5 millions $ per man. Frazier struck Ali in the last round to soil, won unanimously to points and caused to Ali thereby the first defeat in a professional fight. This fight was selected by the technical periodical ring magazines for the fight of the yearly, is not considered however necessarily as a classical author like their third duel.

Frazier lost its world champion title to 22. January 1973 against George Foreman, likewise an olympia winner (of 1968), by TKO in the 2. Round after altogether six precipitation. It had gone as favorite into the ring, could however of the quite uncontrolled striking, clearly larger (approx. 100 kg) Foreman early be gotten.

To 28. January 1974 began Frazier for the second time against Ali and lost this as boring regarded fight, which went over the full distance from 12 rounds, unanimously to points. The New York Time rated however also this fight for Frazier, that was however not the majority opinion of the journalists.

After the defeat against Foreman Frazier was not any more the old person and tried with very careful Matchmaking (once again against Jimmy Ellis and Jerry Quarry) a further title fight to achieve.

The third fight between it and Ali at the 1 is legendary. October 1975, at which it went the world championship, which had recovered Ali sensationally against Foreman. Ali won the Thrilla in such a way specified in Manila by TKO in the 14. Round, because Frazier with a swollen eye had to give up.

After a further defeat to 15. June 1976 against Foreman in a non--title fight terminated Frazier meanwhile its career and worked in Philadelphia as a box coach. In the film Rocky it had a guest appearance.

1981 he tried a comeback against Floyd Cummings, withdrew after an undecided however finally.

1996 it published its autobiography Smokin' Joe (ISBN 0-02-860847-X). A large part of the book concerns itself with its rivalry to Muhammad Ali, which it only Cassius Clay calls. This had repeated provoked it before its fights and had called Frazier because of its commitment allegedly lacking for the black civil rights movement “champion of the white man”. This very day Frazier Ali of whole heart hates and expressed themselves repeated hectar-mixes over its heavy illness, so among other things as Ali 1996 the olympic fire of Atlanta anzündete.

Its son Marvis Frazier and its daughter Jackie Frazier Lyde were likewise in the box haven active.

Frazier suffers today from diabetes and blood high pressure.

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