Joe Liggins

Joe Liggins (* 9. July 1915 in Guthrie, Oklahoma; † 26. July 1987 in Lynwood, California) was an US-American jazz - and Blues - pianist, who into the 1940ern and 1950ern was successful with its volumes “Joe Liggins and the Honeydrippers”. Their largest hit was The Honeydripper (1945).

Born in Oklahoma, Liggins lived starting from 1932 in San Diego, California. it pulled 1939 to Los Angeles, where it played in different volume, last with “Sammy Franklin 's California Rhythm Rascals ". When Franklin did not want to take up the Song The Honeydripper, Liggins created its own volume. The piece became a hit, which further followed, among them Got A right ton of Cry, Tanya (admits later in the version of Earl Hooker) and roll 'Em.

1950 followed Liggins its brother Jimmy to Specialty record, where he had still another whole set of hits, about rise up mop, boom Chick A Boogie, Pink Champagne and Little Joe's Boogie.

End of the 1950er diminished success, but remained Joe Liggins up to its death 1987 as picking up vein actively.

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