Joel blowing NIC

Joel blowing NIC (* 7. June 1938 in fish Creek, in the US Federal State Wisconsin) is an US-American composer and teacher of Czech descent.

Its study it completed at the Lawrence University Conservatory OF music in Appleton in Wisconsin and graduated 1961.

After its study it was from 1961 to 1993 music teachers (instrument valley teachers) in public schools of the Federal State Wisconsin. In addition it on held Workshops, Clinics and lectures in all degrees of difficulty on 250 schools of Wisconsin and in the middle west (avoiding west). For these achievements it was distinguished several times.

He is joint founder of the Czech music alliance in the United States of America and created 1989 the Alliance Publications Inc., in fish Creek, Wisconsin, which made it's duty to promote and in the USA make in particular compositions from Czech and slowakischen composers well-known to.

Its kompositorischen activities begin only, when it terminated its educational task.

Table of contents

of works

of works for orchestra

  • 1992 Sláva! A Celebration for Symphony Orchestra
  • 1996 Two Beautiful Countries for orchestra
  • Elegie for Orchestra
  • Symphonia de Nativitate

works for blowing orchestra

  • 1992 Slava! A Celebration for volume
  • 1996 Two beautyful Countries for volume
  • Battalia for volume
  • Celebration OF Praise
  • Christmas Rhapsody for volume
  • fanfare and Processional
  • From tender Stem
  • Good country Wau Toma
  • Green Bay Packers' Fight Song
  • resounding Mark
  • of I at the A fine Musician
  • Invention No. 1 for volume
  • Invention No. 2 for volume
  • Invention No. 3 for volume
  • Mississippi clay/tone Poem for volume
  • Slavic Miniatures for Symphonic volume
  • Six ceremonial fan-far for volume

chamber music

  • Bohemian March for Brass Quintet
  • Concertino for Percussionist and Chamber of wind
  • Czech Hymn “Gaudeamus Pariter” for Brass ensemble
  • Czech Suite for wind or Brass Trio
  • Czech Trombone Treasures 33 Trombone Quintets
  • the Weihnacht for Brass Quintet
  • Encore! Prague Trombones for Trombone Quartet
  • fanfare and March for Trumpet, Trombone and organ
  • Funeral March for Brass Qunitet
  • God remainder ye merry, gentlemen fanfare and Prelude for Brass Quintet
  • Kvapik Galop tuba Trio and Drum set
  • Lenten Hymns from old Czech Tunes for Vocal solo one and organ
  • Morning Sunrise (12-part instrument valley based on Victimae Paschali of laudes) for Brass Choir
  • new Prague Trombones for Trombone Quartet
  • Slava fanfare Trumpet Quartet
  • Sleep, little Jesus Boy Vocalist, flood, Guitar and key board
  • Two Patriotic Hymns Trombone Quartet

choir music

  • Easter fanfare for SATB Choir and organ or Brass Quintet
  • Hail ton all the Saints SATB Choir, Brass Quintet, Percussion and organ
  • Hosanna SATB Choir, two Trumpets and organ
  • Peace, I ask OF thee, o River SATB Choir
  • Regina coeli double SATB Choir, Violoncello, stringer bass and organ


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