Joelle Franzmann

Joelle Franzmann (* 29. December 1978 in Idar Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate) is a German tri athlete.

Joelle Franzmann beim Triathlon 2005 in Hamburg
Joelle Franzmann with the Triathlon 2005 in Hamburg

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Joelle Franzmann has two brothers and sisters, made its Abitur in Kaiserslautern and is stationed since 1998 as a time soldier in Saarbruecken - in a group of sport promotions of the German Federal Armed Forces -.

sporty one of successes

to at the end of of 2004 reached Joelle Franzmann 8 German championships, 5 vice-championships and 3 European championships.

youth and junior time

Joelle already German Meisterin, as well as Europameisterin within the youth range became with 15 years. German championships and European championships followed that after junior level in the following years. 1996 became it then also vice-world champion in the Triathlon. Some their titles could it additionally also in the Duathlon reach.


in the year 2000 became it then German Meisterin in Frankfurt/Main. Three vice-championships (2001, 2003 & 2004) followed, after them became already as young people 1997 and 1998 second and could thus 5 vice-championships achieve. With the olympic plays it reserved seat 21 (Sydney, 2000), as well as place 16 (Athens, 2004). In the year 2005 it succeeded to it on the Rennparcours in potsdam to achieve again the German Meistertitel.

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