Joey Woody

Joey Woody (* 22. May 1973 in Iowa town center) is an US-American athlete.

The 400-m-Hürden-Läufer Woody could not itself until 1997 for larger international matches qualify, in this year however became it third with the US-American championships and qualified themselves for the athlete IC world championship 1997 in Athens. With the WM separated it then in the semi-final. 1999 he became US-American vice-master and with the athlete IC world championship 1999 in Sevilla improved he on the sixth place. With US-Trials for the olympic plays 2000 in Sydney it became only fourth and could not not qualify for the Olympiad. This disappointment threw it over years back. Only it could do and won themselves 2003 again qualify for the athlete IC world championship 2003 in Paris surprisingly in the final the silver medal as best Americans behind the world champion Félix Sánchez. This was the largest success of its career.


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