Johan Bojer

Johan Bojer (* 6. March 1872 in Orkdal, Drontheim, † 3. July 1959 in Oslo) was a Norwegian writer.

Bojer worked itself from the Hirten and Fischer to the dealer and writer up.

At 1893 Bojer began to publish. Its telling art was at Victor Hugo and Alexander long keel Kiel trained. In simple language it described the life of humans and the beauty of the landscape of Norway.

Between 1885 and 1915 he lived in Paris.

Starting from 1919 Bojer lived as free writers in the proximity Oslos. InForeign country was Bojer still substantially more well-known as at home in Norway.

Johan Bojer died at the 3. July 1959 in the proximity of Oslos on its countryseat.


  • - Et folketog 1913
  • - som 1921 sang works
  • to catching - the siste viking (German:Those Lofotfi)
  • 1924 - forwards egen come (German: The emigrants)


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