Johan Halvorsen

Johan Halvorsen (* 15. March 1864 in Drammen; † 4. December 1935) was a Norwegian composer and conductor.

Halvorsen studied Stockholm , Leipzig , Aberdeen since 1883 into (1887 and Helsinki (1890) music. 1893 it returned to mountains . When the place of the Dirigents of the national theatre in Kristiania was offered to it, it established itself there 1899 and held this position until 1929.

Halvorsen called EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Grieg and Johan Svendsen its musical models. It is nowadays for its compositions, as the Bojarenes inntogsmarsj (introduction of the Bojaren), which admits journeys til Julestjernen (journey to the Weihnachtsstern) and saving IANA.


of works for blowing orchestra

  • 1896 Bojarenes inntogsmarsj
  • 1920 Hallingdal Bataljon's Marsj
  • Norwegian Sea Picture


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