Johan Micoud

Johan Micoud [ʒɔˈɑ̃ miˈku] (* 24. July 1973 in Cannes) is a French football player of Werder Bremen, which began its career as a professional 1992 in the French coastal town with as Cannes. It plays in the offensive centre zone and fills the position of the so-called. „Director “or Spielgestalters out.

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its career

the first title won Micoud 1999, when it got the French Meistertitel with Girondins to Bordeaux. This was according to own data also its most beautiful success, since the decision was fallen over the triumph only in all last minute.

After a Intermezzo with the Italian AC Parma, with which Micoud 2001 won the national cup, led the way „of the Maestro “2002 into the federal league to Werder Bremen. Here the director became fast one of the signs of the rising association and is considered since then as one of the best midfield players of the federal league. In the season 2003/2004 Werder Bremen won the so-called. Double, D. h. the German championship and the DFB cup. Together with players such as Ailton and Valerien Ismael had „Le boss “, as it in Bremen one calls, at these successes in the most successful year of the association history Werder Bremen crucial portion.

Micoud is torgefährlich and in addition in many gates of its association as Vorbereiter takes part. The strengths of the Frenchman are appropriate particularly in a sophisticated technology, for a shining play overview, its crew helpfulness as well as a fast apprehension, which snap him to a key role in, technically very fastidious combination play enable, to which Werder Bremen owes its last successes. Becoming he coach Thomas Schaaf over its number 10: „I did not see ever a player, who can shift the play so fast. “

The completely large international break-through remained Johan Micoud despite its spielerischen class refused. One of the principal reasons for this might lie in the person of the threefold world soccer player Zinedine Zidane, which plays on the same position, a similar play way maintains, in the same age is as Micoud and its development in the national team thus blocked, so that Micoud denied only 17 international matches. With the European championship 2000 Micoud stood however in the cadre of the French crew and became with their European champion.

After Micoud had originally signed a contract over three years to 2005, he extended his contract with Werder Bremen in the summer 2004 to 2007.


  • Micoud is married with Ana and has two daughters, Maona and Juna Lou. It has Abitur and as its Hobbies indicates it family and music .
  • Micoud is considered as self-willed and comparatively public shy, when player, who stands for the football business, its mechanisms and the requirements of the public reserved opposite. Thus he avoided phasenweise interviews, in particular with German media, during his time with Werder Bremen on the one hand on the other hand one he stresses the meaning of the collective, the crew play for the success of a crew in public expressions usually and expresses themselves sceptically to its status than star.
  • An acknowledgment of the special kind became Micoud by the fans of Werder Bremen assigns: On the melody of the Refrains the Beatles - Songs Hey Jew becomes Micoud besungen.


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