Johann Andreas Schmeller

Johann Andreas Schmeller (* 6. August 1785 in Tirschenreuth; † 27. September 1852 in Munich) was a Germanist and a Bavarian language researcher, whose large earnings/services are the production of the four-restrained “Bavarian dictionary”, which developed from 1827 to 1837. Schmeller appliesas founders of the dialect research in Germany.

Schmeller became 1827 professor at the cadet house in Munich, 1828 extraordinary professor of the older German literature at the residents of Munich university. 1840 he took over beyond that a place as Unterbibliothekar at the state library and 1846 as a tidy professor.

Except the mentionedHe made numerous historical language documents for Hauptwerken and numerous papers accessible with its publications for the first time the public. So among other things 1830 by him heli coil and called the old-Saxonian gospel harmony, 1832 the old-high-German world fall poem Muspilli and 1841 the old-high-German translation otherwise the Tatian, by it howeverthe Ammonius attributed gospel harmony. And not least Schmeller 1847 published the 1803 found Carmina Burana as “Carmina Burana - songs from Benediktbeuern”.

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