Johann Baptist Cramer

Johann Baptist Cramer (* 24. February 1771 in Mannheim; † 16. April 1858 in Kensington) was a pianist and composer.

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Cramer, which came as three-year with its parents to London, was one of the most famous pianists of its time and beyond that particularly as a piano paedagogue well-known. The British queen Victoria was inspired of its appearance. Its teacher was Clementi. His father William was already a well-known violonist.

On its concert journeys of several years (1788-1790 and 1799-1800) by Europe it made friends itself also with Beethoven. He was a composer of contemporary piano works. Its 84 also as 5.Teil of the large ones practical Pianoforte school (1815) published Etüden OI. 50 is today still of importance and in the Klavierpädagogik indispensably, them of Hans's von Bülow was revised (Cramer Bülow Etüden). Cramer was successful also as entrepreneurs in London in the Pianobau and as music publishers. The Pianomarke existed this very day and is in demand in the far east. The music publishing house, which it with Addison and Beagle opened as Kompagnions, exists under the name J.B.Cramer & CO Ltd. likewise this very day. Cramer was joint founder of the Philharmoni society in London. A part of its piano works is from rather simple structure, it concerns primarily works, it for its publishing house was written and around the large number of the amateurs with genuine Cramer to supply. Its it wrote works fully valid in law primarily for itself. These works stand stylistic for instance between Hummel and Beethoven and are partly considerable virtuos.




among other things
La Parodie op.43 (1810)
L `Ultima op.53 (1815)
3 Sonaten “Les Suivantes “op.57 - op.59 (1817 - 1818)
Le Retour à Londres op.62 (1818)
L `Amicitia op.64 (1825)

piano and orchestra

1.Klavierkonzert E flat major op.10 (1795)
2.Klavierkonzert D-moll op.16 (1797)
3.Klavierkonzert D-moll op.26 (1802)
4.Klavierkonzert C major op.38 (1807)
5.Klavierkonzert C-moll op.48 (1813)
6.Klavierkonzert E flat major op.51 (1815)
7.Klavierkonzert E major op.56 (1817)
8.Klavierkonzert D-moll op.70 (1825)

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