Johann Baptist Wenzel Bergl

Johann Baptist Wenzel Bergl (* 23. September 1718 in queen yard, today Tschechien, † 15. January 1789 in Vienna) was a painter.

Bergl was a pupil of Paul Troger and among its friends was F. A. Maulbertsch. He spent most time of its life with painting ebenerdiger garden apartments. The characteristic at its works was the original connection of area and garden. In its Fresken Bergl represented idyllische landscapes of full exotic plants and romantic dupes and created thereby a newVariation of the baroque illusion painting. Beside the imperial yard, for which he created the Bergl rooms in such a way specified in lock Schönbrunn around 1770, Bergl worked also in the church order. As its Hauptwerk the pictorial equipment of the former pin church small Maria cell is considered (1764/1765). ThatArtist died to 15. January 1789 in Vienna.


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