Johann Beckmann

Johann Beckmann

Johann Beckmann (* 4. June 1739 in Hoya; † 3. February 1811 in Goettingen) was a farmer and a technologist.

Johann Beckmann became to 4. June 1739 in Hoya at the Weser born. It studied since 1759 natural sciences andEconomics in Goettingen, became 1763 professor of physics and natural history at the High School in pc. Petersburg. Beckmann went 1765 to Sweden, in order to learn to know the mining industry, became 1766 professor of philosophy, 1770 also the economics into Goettingen and died there at the 3.February 1811.

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Beckmann was the founder of the technology; it made first the attempt to combine the description of a number of trades in pushed shortness to a text book and ledalso the name technology.

Title page of the Waarenkunde (1793)

Beckmann wrote:

  • Over mechanism of the economic lectures, Goettingen, 1767
  • contributions to the history of the inventions, Leipzig and Goettingen, 1780-1805, 5 volumes
  • draft of one alga mine [general] technology, Leipzig and Goettingen, 1806
  • guidance for the technology,Goettingen, 1776, 5. Edition 1809
  • guidance for the action science, Goettingen, 1789
  • preparation to the Waarenkunde, Goettingen, 1795 to 1800, 2 volumes
  • physical-economic library, Goettingen, 1770-1807, 23 volumes
  • of principles of the German agriculture, 6. Edition, Goettingen of 1806
  • contributions to the economics, technology, police and coming ral science,Goettingen, 1777-91, 12 volumes
  • instruction to lead the calculations of small households 2. Edition, Goettingen, 1802



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  • Johann Beckmann journal: Reports of the Johann Beckmann society registered association., Berlin/Diepholz: Publishing house for history of the natural sciences and the technology, 1987ff., ISSN 0942-5020

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