Johann Blasius Santini Aichl

Johann Blasius Santini Aich [e] l also: Giovanni Santini Aich [e] l, (Czech January Blažej Santini Aichel) (* 4. February 1677 in Prague; † 7. December 1723 ebenda) was an architect and a painter 18. Century in Böhmen.

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family and occupation

Johann Santini Aichl came of around 1650 to a stone-cutter family zugewanderten from upper Italy after Böhmen. It probably received its training as painters with Christian Schröder. The following moving years led it to Holland, England, Italy and Vienna. 1703 it established as a building master in Prague and acquired themselves 1705 the Prager citizen right. 1707 married the Veronika Elizabeth, Tochter its in the meantime the deceased of teacher Christian Schröder.

Its clients were predominantly church institutions and aristocracy families from Böhmen and Mähren. Beside Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer it ranked among the outstanding building masters of the böhmischen late baroque. In its buildings connected it baroque and gothical style elements and created thereby architectural style the called baroque gothic.

Because it died at the age of only 47 years, remained unfinished some its buildings. In the Marstall of the former Cistercian monastery in Saar to the Sazau is a memorial place for it.

objects, those to the UNESCO Weltkulturerbe belong

further works

in Prague

  • Morzin palace
  • Nostitz palace (Nostický palác)
  • beautiful fount palace]] (Schönbornský palác)
  • Thun Hohenstein palace
  • pc. - Gallus church (Kostel svatého Havla): Entrance front
  • church Maria Ascension Day/Karl yard (Kostel Nanebevzeti Panny Marie): Barockisierung of the interior

in other places

  • bath Bielohrad (Lázně Bělohrad), district Jičín: Change of the castellet to a baroque castle
  • Chlumetz to the Cidlina (Chlumec nad Cidlinou), district Königgrätz: Baroque castle Karl-crown (Koruna) for the counts Kinsky (together with František Maximilian Kaňka)
  • Humpoletz (Humpolec), district Pilgram: Baroque change of the Dekanatskirche pc. Nikolai
  • Jaroměřitz (Jaroměřice), district Zwittau: Church to the cross putting
  • Kritein (Křtiny), district Blansko: Plans for the pilgrimage church
  • Kladrau (Kladruby), to district TACstrike: Monastic church pc. Maria
  • Königgrätz (Hradec Králové): former Jesuitenkolleg (together with Paul Ignaz Bavarian); Back front of the bischöflichen residence
  • king hall (Zbraslav), district Prague west: Convention building (finished of František Maximilian Kaňka)
  • Kopidlno, district Jičín: Church pc. Jakob
  • Plass (Plasy), district Pilsen north: Barockisierung of the monastery plant and plans for the convention building (posed by Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer)
  • Raigern (Rajhrad), district Brünn: Monastery plant
  • Saar to the Sazau: Change of the monastic church Maria Ascension Day
  • Seelau (Želiv), district Pilgram: Barockisierung of the Prämonstratenser monastic church Maria birth and the monastery buildings
  • Střilek (Střílky), district Kremsier: Cemetery chapel


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