Johann Christian Günther

Johann Christian Günther (* 8. April 1695 in stringer gau, † 15. March 1723 in Jena) was a German poet.

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the son of a physician visited 1710 to 1715 the High School in Schweidnitz, where its youth drama “the jealousy” repented by Theodosio was specified. He got engaged with Magdalena Eleonore Jachmann, the “Leonore” of its later poems.

it, the desire of the father took up 1715 following, a medicine study to joke mountain . Its intention came of denying its living costs as poets strictly rejected to the discord with the father, there these. 1716 could Caesareus be crowned Günther to the Poeta laureatus. Due to the associated financial expenditures it landed 1717 in the debtor's prison.

In the same year it went to Leipzig, where it wrote itself at the university. It was promoted by the writer and historian Johann Burkhard Mencke, which was convinced of its important gift, to which it did not succeed however 1719, it a place as yard poets August of the strong one in Dresden to procure. An attempt, 1720 as a physician in cross castle to establish itself failed, likewise the effort around a reconciliation with the father. In the consequence Johann Christian Günther lived as a guest at the families of different study friends. It returned 1723, already ill, to Jena, where it died seven and twenty-year-old at Tuberkulose.


Günther is considered to early 18 as a most important German poet. Century. At its time it became famous by its “desert on the peace of passport aero joke “ of 1718. Only one year after its death appeared “Johann Christian Günthers from Schlesien, Theils still never-printed, theils already published, Germans and latin of poems”, which justified its Nachruhm. The first total expenditure of its works of 1742 experienced six editions, W. Shopkeeper brought 1930-36 out a historical-critical total expenditure. Goethe judged in its work “seal and truth”: “A decided talent, talented with Sinnlichkeit, imagination, memory, gift of seizing and realising, fruitfully in highest degrees, rhythmically comfortably, spirit-rich, funny and often informs. ”


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