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Selbstbildnis von 1800
Selbstbildnis by 1800

Johann Friedrich August table-leg (* 9. March 1750 in Maastricht; † 21. June 1812 in Heidelberg), the so-called Leipziger table-leg, was a German painter. It became above all throughAnd was one of the most important representatives of the second generation of the Künsterfamilie admits table-leg of family haven advice.


table-leg was the son of the theatre painter Johann Valentin table-leg, with which it received also its first artistic instruction. The “Goethe table-legs”,the painter Johann Heinrich William table-leg was its cousin.

Around 1768 table-leg changed for the painter Johann Heinrich table-leg (“the older one” , also “ Kasseler table-leg” to Kassel into the studio of its uncle, 1722 - 1789). After a longer journey by France anda study stay in Paris, where he became starting from 1722 the pupil of Johann George will, table-leg undertook an expanded journey starting from 1777 to Rome and Neapel. There it got used to itself among other things with Jacques Louis David and Anton RaphaelMengs and worked also with them. In the middle of 1780 returned table-leg again to Germany.

Still in the same year it received an employment as a yard painter at the yard of the prince Friedrich from forest-hits a corner in Arolsen and already short time on it appointed to thatPrince table-leg to the advice and cabinet painter. In the years 1781/82, as well as 1786 and 1788/89 undertook table-leg again and again study trips to Holland, to which he z. T. by his service gentleman also one assigned. These journeys caused with the timea strong turn to the Portraitisten of the erstarkten civil society. The pure yard painter of an absolutist yard had retired.

1795 engaged it prince Leopold III. Friedrich Franz from notion Dessau to Dessau, but already in the following year went to table-leg to Berlin andworked there with large success. 1799 to 1800 portraitierte table-leg in Dresden and could still increase thereby its successes. 1800 one entrusted table-leg, as a successor of Adam Friedrich Oeser, with the line of the academy of arts to Leipzig.

1806 wentTable-leg after pc. To regulate Petersburg around the deduction of his brother Ludwig Philipp table-leg. Briefly decided it remained then nearly three years, in order to implement extremely lucrative orders. There several Portraits of members of the Russian high aristocracy developed in consequence. Large modelstraight with woman pictures were for table-leg the Englishmen Thomas Gainsborough and George Romney.

Table-leg was the father of the draftswoman Caroline table-leg (1783-1843) and the yard painter Carl William table-leg (1797-1855). At the age of 62 years the “Leipziger table-leg” died, thatPainter Johann Friedrich August table-leg to 21. June 1812 in Heidelberg.


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