Johann Gottfried Piefke

Johann Gottfried Piefke (* 9. September 1815 in Schwerin to the Warthe; † 25. January 1884 in Frankfurt (or)) were a Prussian military musician and composer.

It reached a certain Prominenz during lifetimes and possibly inspired the Austrians to the pointed name Piefke for all Prussia or north German, contributed however anyhow to its spreading.

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life and work

announcement for a concert, which aligned Piefke 1844 in Frankfurt (or).

Piefke was born 1815 as a son of the organists and city musician Johann and its Mrs. Dorothea. At the 1. May 1835 it stepped its military service as Hoboist at the body infantry regiment No. 8 in Frankfurt (or) on. At the 1. It went to September 1838 to the university for music into Berlin. There it had a Liaison with the princess of Trachenberg. It turned at the 1. June 1843 as Stabshoboist to its regiment with III. Army corps back. it went to 1852 together with parts of its regiment, from the citizens of Berlin Brezelgarde mentioned, to Berlin. There it unfolds its talent as a musician and gets acknowledgment of the professional world and of the public. But it received to 23. June 1859 the title royal director of music and six years later to 20. March 1865 became it that, own created, title Director of the gesammten music choirs III. Army corps by William I. lent. Before, 1860, had returned Piefke reason of military requirements to Frankfurt. 1864 it participated in the GermanDanish war and is to have given with the conquest of the Düppeler digging with the sword directing the signal to the attack. 1866 it participated in the war against Austria . To 31. July 1866 took place a large parade on the Marchfeld at Gänserndorf about 20 kilometers northeast from Vienna . During the feed into the city both the large Johann Gottfried Piefke and its 1,90m large brother Rudolf (1835-1900) at the point of the music corps walk. As reaction the Viennese are to have proclaimed: „The Piefkes comes! “and thus a time-steady name for Prussia found. This connection is however not occupied. During the French-German war it got sick to 1871 during the FE storage Metz's and returned only to its unit. After end of the war years busy Piefke increases the classical music and gave in Frankfurt numerous concerts and accomplished concert journeys, which led possibly to Paris. To 25. January 1884 deceased to Piefke and became to 28. with military honours on the old person cemetery in Frankfurt (or) bury. The grave place is not received.


apart from the military music he dedicated working on classical pieces and aligned themselves concerts. Admits became it however particularly by the numerous marches, which it composed. Among the most well-known the march „Prussia Gloria “, „the Düppeler digging march “and „the Königgrätzer march rank “.

military honors


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