Johann Gottfried Steffan

Johann Gottfried Stefan (* 13. December 1815 in Wädenswil; † 16. June 1905 in Munich) was one of most important Swiss landscape painters 19. Century.

After a theory as Schriftlithograf in its homeland municipality Steffan traveled 1833 for further training to Munich. It visited the there academy of the forming arts under Peter von Cornelius. Under the influence of Carl rotting man it turned to the realistic landscape painting . Steffans studio became the center of Swiss an artist in Munich. With numerous colleagues - under it Rudolf vest - it undertook study trips into Swiss alps, preferentially in the Glarnerland and to the whale lake. In later years visited it increases Berchtesgaden and the RAM sow, where it found many of its motives. Steffans of pictures are idealized landscapes of the residents of Munich school, prefer mountain representations.


  • noon in the Glarner alps, mountain brook (1857), Aargauer art gallery, Aarau
  • of the Mont d'Orge with customs (1869), art museum Luzern
  • Alp in the clone valley (1880), art gallery Glarus
  • mountain lake with consulting thunderstorm (1886), art gallery Zurich


  • Scherrer, Adrian (Hg.): Greener Heinrich: Personal records between failure and success: Johann Gottfried Steffan and Swiss painters in Munich 1840 to 1890. - Stäfa: Well, 2005. - ISBN 3-85717-163-4

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