Johann Gustav Droysen

Johann Gustav Droysen (* 6. July 1808 in Treptow to the Rega; † 19. June 1884 in Berlin) was an important German historian. First a teacher at the Berlini High School to the grey monastery in Berlin 1829, was he since 1840 professor at the University of Kiel, then in Jena (starting from 1851) and Berlin (since 1859).

Over the schleswig holsteinische question Droysen came to the policy. 1846 it participated in the so-called Germanisten days . 1848 he was a representative of the provisional government in Kiel with the Bundestag in Frankfurt, then delegates of the national assembly, in which he followed the right center (Casino “). Droysen placed itself with its first work history Alexanders of the large one 1833 into the first number of the historians of its time. He raised the term brightism for epoch designation for the time between Alexander and Kleopatra. Later he turned into to newer history; its history of the Prussian policy (1855 - 1886) is the most comprehensive representation of the Prussian-smallGerman historical idea. Droysen belonged not directly to the school Heinrich of Sybels and Heinrich of Treitschkes, understood the task of the sciences of history however into related senses. The demand Leopold from Rankes to objectivity in the historiography leaned Droysen decided off. Also for it history had to notice an educational task for the state.

Droysen was member of several academies. Thus it to the royally Saxonian society for sciences to Leipzig and the citizen of Berlin Academy of Sciences belonged.

As a historical theoretician Droysen put the basis for the methodology of the modern sciences of history. The pour-critical method, which was from extensive influence on the historiography, decreases/goes back on Droysen and Barthold George Niebuhr . Among Droysens most important pupils Friedrich my corner ranks. Its son Gustav Droysen was likewise a historical professor and submitted important research for the history of the dreissigjährigen war .


  • history Alexanders of the large one, 1833
  • history of the brightism, 2 Bde., 1836-1843
  • the life of the field marshal count Yorck von Wartenburg, 3 Bde., 1851/52
  • history of the Prussian policy (until 1756), 14 Bde., 1855-1886
  • sketch of the Historik, 1868

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