Johann II. (France)

Johann IITH, called the property

Johann II. called Johann that property (* 26. April 1319 on lock Gué de Mauny; † 8. April 1364 in London) was king of France from 1350 to 1364.


Johann II. the second son of Philipp was VI. of France and its first wife Johanna of Burgund. It originated thus from the house Valois and was later a second representative of its dynasty on the throne.

It began its regency with the age death of its father in the year 1350, who had led before repeated with ever smaller success war with England. Under Johann 1355 , at expiration of the armistice, inflamed again the war. Eduard, the black one Prince, landed in the Garonnegebiet, devastated Auvergne, Limousin and Poitou, tried however, to withdraw itself during approximation of the French army to Bordeaux. With Poitiers meanwhile the retreat was cut off to its small army. Hard pressed, he offered Johann forfree departure a seven-year-old armistice on; Johann however, victory-certainly, deflected each amicable comparison, and so it came to 19. September 1356 with Maupertuis to a battle, in which Johann lost the war and liberty.

Only the peace of Brétigny 1360 freed it from its detention, after he had promised, except 3 million pieces of gold also several provinces to retire. Since its as a hostage son left in England, who escaped duke of Anjou, still before payment of the lot purchase sum from there, turnedJohann at the beginning of of 1364 to London in its shank back, was received here as a royal guest shining, died however already to 8. April of this yearly. Its oldest son from first marriage became as a Karl V. its successor.

Of Johann the 1363 donated Sekundogenitur of the house Valois, Burgund, deflected likewise to of France spoiling, so that after him no more successor to the throne Johann was called.


to 23. He married July 1332 in first marriage Jutta of Luxembourg, whose originated nut/mother from the böhmischen ruling family. The list of their descendants is extensive:

Jutta deceased 1349 at the plague, just like its nut/mother Johanna.

To 19. He married February 1350in second marriage Johanna of Boulogne, which made the father of the daughters Blanche and Katharina for it.

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