Johann III. (Portugal)

König Johann III. von Portugal
king Johann III. of Portugal

Johann III. (João III), the pious one (* 6. June 1502 in Lisbon; † 11. June 1557 in Lisbon) was king of Portugal from the house advice and governed from 1521 to 1557.


Johann III. became as an oldest son of king Emanuel I. (Manuel) and its second wife Maria of Spain born. After the death of its father it mounted 1521 the Portuguese throne.

Johann III. that was received the Inquisition in the country as the king into Portuguese history,got. Already its father had 1496 the example of the catholic kings in Spain following, who Jews from Portugal driven out (see. Jew pursuit, Antisemitismus), at the same time however permits that Jews, who cross to the Christian faith remain to smell. It is obvious that many of these “new Christians”(Cristãos Novos), which had not gone over voluntarily to the Christian faith, secretly further their old religion anhingen. Johann III. assigned therefore the Inquisition the investigation of the faith practices of the “new Christians”. In the next 200 years become in Portugal 1454 persons of the Inquisition deathcondemned. 1540 permitted III. Johann. also the Jesuiten to establish itself in the country.

1524 are born the poet Luís de Camões, the largest Portuguese poet, that national pos, which writes Lusiaden (OS Lusíadas). 1532 are created the first durable settlement in Brazil, 1524 become upthere to the congress by Badajoz the Portuguese requirement on Brazil recognition, the king assigns large land areas in Brazil as Lehen (donatárias) and promotes so the structure of the country , 1545 becomes Salvador Bahia capital of Brazil. Under Johann III. became Aden, Diu, Celebes and Maskatconquered. He did without the Philippines and secured for it the Molukken. 1557 are created Macao, the first Portuguese commercial settlement in the Empire of China.


to 15. He married February 1525 in Lisbon Katharina of Spain (* 14. January 1507 - † 12. January 1578), daughter of Philipp the beautiful one, king of Spain and ore duke of Austria and the Johanna of the mad ones. She was thus also a sister of the Roman-German emperor Karl V.

With their it had the following children:

There all sons of king Johann III. before this, followed him its grandson Sebastian diedI. on the Portuguese throne after.

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