Johann Jacob Moser

Johann Jacob Moser (* 18. January 1701 in Stuttgart, † 30. September 1785 in Stuttgart) was a German public law teacher.

Moser studied Tübingen jurisprudence at the university, where he already became around the year 1720 the professor. He spent the years 1721 to 1726 in Vienna, where he could not be accepted as a Protestant however to the national service. In the years 1727 - 1732 he was a professor at the Collegium Illustre in Tübingen. In the year 1736 it became the professor in Frankfurt at the or; it exercised this function up to the year 1739 .


  • of the realm staettischen regiment condition. After those realm Gesezen and those realm coming, like also from those teutsche. Franckfurt: Mezler, 1772 - 1773 (University of Bielefeld)


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