Johann Jacob Wehrli

Wehrli 1826
Wehrli 1826

Johann Jacob Wehrli (* 6. November 1790 in Eschikofen, canton Thurgau, † 15. March 1855 in Andwil) was a Swiss paedagogue.

Johann Yak-generic terms father was a Schulmeister in Eschikofen. On recommendation of its father he came to Hofwil, where he led the 1804 created arm school , which connected instruction with manual work under Philipp Emanuel of skin mountain. After it the agricultural military left schools were designated. Wehrli worked, ate and slept together with its pupils.

1833 selected it the Thurgauer government advice to the first director of the teacher min acre, which was accommodated until 1850 in the sea-castle in Kreuzlingen. When 1852 became Thomas Scherr president of the educating advice, Wehrli withdrew because of different views in the teacher training and opened in Andwil a Privatschule.


Alfreds forge: The seminar in the sea-castle. In: The sea-castle in Kreuzlingen. Given change of Jürg whole, Kreuzlingen 1985. S. 44-59.

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