Johann Jakob Otto August Rühle by lily star

Johann Jakob Otto August Rühle of lily star (* 16. April 1780 in Berlin; † 1. July 1847 in Salzburg) was a Prussian lieutenant general and military writer.

Otto August Rühle of lily star was 1795 together with Heinrich of Kleist wo1 in the guard regiment and since that time friendly with this closely. In contrast to Kleist it made career with the military, after it had visited the military academy led by crowd refuge. it took part in 1806 in the corps of the prince Hohenlohe as a general staff officer the campaign. After the Tilsiter peace it stepped the services Weimars and participated as a governor of the prince Bernhard in the campaign in Austria 1809 .

1813 it occurred as a Freiwilliger the Lützow free corps , took part in then however in headquarters Blüchers the campaign. After the battle with Leipzig he was appointed the general commissioner of the German national armament and carried besides the lieutenant colonel.

1816 it became as Colonels generally speaking general staff the first main editor of the “Militair weekly paper” again-created with royal cabinet order (1878 renamed in military weekly paper).

Rühle of lily star became a boss of the general staff of the Rhine province, boss of the large general staff in Berlin and 1835 lieutenant general. 1844 he was finally appointed the inspector general for the military educating and training system.

Johann Jakob Otto August Rühle of lily star died at the 1. July 1847 in Salzburg.

The close friendship to Kleist is occupied by numerous letters. Kleist dedicated the essay the safe way of the luck to him to find and unimpaired, also under the largest urge halls of the life to enjoy it. Rühle of lily star supported for his part Kleists literary work, by along-financing for example the publication of the magazine Phöbus.

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