Johann Karl von Fichard

Johann Karl von Fichard

Johann Karl von Fichard called Baur of Eysseneck (* 16. April 1773 in Frankfurt/Main, † 16. October 1829 ebenda) was a German historian.

Fichard was the son of Johann Karl Baur of Eysseneck (1736 to 1775), which had accepted the name of its foster father of Fichard. This was the last member of an old Frankfurt Patriziergeschlechts, which is provable since the late Middle Ages in Frankfurt.

Fichard visited the urban High School, studied at different German universities and undertook afterwards education journeys by Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy. 1797 it was appointed into the advice of the city Frankfurt and appointed 1798 the juror. Already to 25. September 1798 he withdrew himself however from all urban offices. As a private scholar he dedicated himself exclusively to his historical studies, in particular the study of the history of Frankfurt.

Among its most important works rank:

  • Frankfurt archives for older Litteratur and history. Three volumes to emphasize 1811 to
  • 1815 the emergence of the realm city Frankfurt/Main and conditions of their inhabitants (1819
  • ) in addition sex history

of the city Frankfurt/Main is its publication and commentating of the topographic works of Johann George Battonn, in particular its local description of the city Frankfurt/Main.

Fichard went blind early and could not be work not as desired to complete. It died to 16. October 1829 in Frankfurt and was buried on that 1828 open main cemetery.

Of the family Fichard remind the Fichardstrasse and the Eysseneckstrasse in Frankfurt northend.

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