Johann Lafer

Johann Lafer (* 27. September 1957 in Graz, Steiermark) is a Austrian cook.

Johann Lafer became by its cook endings (for example skies un ground, enjoying on well German uvm.) and its numerous example books a broad television public well-known. These transmissions are noted to own TV-Studio in Lafers and produced by him. Its transmissions are radiated in the SWR, in the Second Channel of German Television, on 3sat and in several national programs of the pool of broadcasting corporations.

Its training completed it in the middle of the 1970er years in the restaurant pour-he-brew in Graz. To doing the military service it went to Germany. Its first commitment led it 1977 into citizens of Berlin the hotel Swiss yard, starting from 1979 was busy it in Josef Viehhausers weltläufigem restaurant “Le CAN pool of broadcasting corporations” in Hamburg. It proved its baking arts as a chief Pâtissier in the hotel “Swiss rooms “in value home to it its hotel career in the legendary resident of Munich point restaurant Aubergine of century cook kind of hitting a corner funny man finally crowned.

He took over the post of the boss Pâtissiers also here and wrote with funny man several books. Starting from 1982 it was active for the well-known Paris Pâtissier and Boulanger gas clay/tone Lenôtre, which maintains a Dependance in the KaDeWe for decades. From the year 1983 he became on a kitchen boss in the restaurant “Le Val D' Or” of its later wife Silvia book wood in gulden valley, whose line he took over 1988.

1994 were shifted restaurants on the current castle near the Hunsrückstädtchen current mountain (Rhineland-Palatinate), in that it until today resided. The enterprise expanded since then strongly: Additionally to the restaurant “Le Val D' Or” were opened the rustikale “tower tube” and gediegene “current castle the hotel”. In the general complex is in addition the TV studio, in which Johann Lafer produces its cook endings. 1997 it was distinguished by the Gault Millau as a cook of the yearly.

Lafer belongs to those cooks, those regularly in the show of Johannes B. Kerner before public meals prepare. It lives with his Mrs. Silvia and two children in gulden valley.

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