Johann Ludwig Gleditsch

Buchtitel mit dem Monogramm von Johann Ludwig Gleditsch: Meletaon, Die liebenswürdige und galante Noris (Leipzig: J. L. Gleditsch/ M. G. Weidmann, 1711).
Buchtitel with the mono gram of Johann Ludwig Gleditsch: Meletaon, the kind and galante Noris (Leipzig: J. L. Gleditsch/M. G. Feasting man, 1711).

Johann Ludwig Gleditsch (* 21. March 1663, † 20. January 1741) led the Weidmann bookshop as bookseller and a publisher from 1694 to 1717 in Leipzig.


Johann Ludwig Gleditsch learned book trade in the enterprise of Johann Friedrich Fritsch, which was led at this time by its brother Johann Friedrich Gleditsch. 1693 it bereiste the Netherlands, 1694 married it the widow one year before of the deceased Moritz George feasting man and took over thereby the Weidmann bookshop which it led for the son still under age of the firm founder. Books of the enterprise appeared until 1717 under the indication of publishing house “Johann Ludwig Gleditsch and M. G. Feasting man " with the mono gram of J.L.G. Gleditsch handed the business 1714 at Moritz George feasting man to the younger over.

The publishing house guidance by Gleditsch became the business stroke of luck. The unusual number of 826 titles occupies like a view into the book selection. Gleditsch shifted a whole number of the most important novelists late 17. and early 18. Century, among other things Heinrich Anselm of Ziegler, August Bohse (alias valley other) and George Christian's of loam (Palidor). With him the first German expenditure of stories from Tausendundeiner appeared night (1710 FF) like thousands and one quarter of an hour (1716/1717), with those Thomas Simon Gueulette to the success title tied - titles, which it equipped with feeling for the current belles lettres fashionably.


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