Johann Nepomuk of ring ice

Johann Nepomuk of ring ice (* 16. May 1785 in black yards (Upper Palatinate); † 22. May 1880 in Munich) was a physician and professor in Munich.

Ring ice, which had nine younger brothers and sisters, went to monastery school on the Cistercians - into forest hereditaryoh, completed 1797 the High School in Amberg, and studied from 1805 to 1812 medicine in land hat. He was listener of Karl Friedrich Schimper.

After study trips to Vienna (1812-1813) and Berlin (1814-1815) ring ice pulled 1816 to Munich, where he became trusted friend and a body physician of Crown Prince Ludwig. 1818 appointed Ludwig ring ice the Medizinalrat of the Isarkreises, 1824 the extraordinary member of the academy of the sciences, and 1826 the professor at the medical faculty of the University of Munich.

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