Johann Peter Salomon

Johann Peter Salomon (baptized 20. February 1745 in Bonn; † 25. November 1815 in London) was violonist, composer, conductor and Musikimpresario.

From 1758 to 1765 Salomon was violonist in the kurfürstlichen of Bonn yard orchestras, before he concert masters in the orchestra of the prince Heinrich of Prussia, which became brother Friedrichs of the large one, in Rhine mountain in the Mark Brandenburg. To the dissolution of its chapel, Salomon went 1781 to London, where he particularly attained celebrity as a quartet player and later than concert entrepreneurs. 1790 he visited Joseph Haydn in Vienna and was considerably responsible for its two stays 1791 -92 and 1794 -95 in London. On the occasion of the first journey Haydn wrote its its symphonies No. 94 to 104, those sometimes as Salomon symphonies, more frequently however than Londoner symphonies, to be designated

also with Ludwig van Beethoven was well-known Johann Peter Salomon from Bonn days. The families Beethoven and Salomon were friendly (and neighbours in the Bonn lane). Salomon left Bonn already before Beethovens birth, returned however several times to attendance, where the composer made his acquaintance. 1815 turned Beethoven to Salomon with the request to obtain for works of it a Londoner publisher (S. Web left).

Nowadays Salomon is probably well-known best as a supervisor of concerts. It arrived into the possession of the copy of a Biblical libretto of an otherwise not far well-known Lidley (or Linley), which it passed on at Haydn, and which processed it in its Oratorium the creation.

Beyond that it is accepted that it Mozart 41. Symphony the name Jupiter symphony gave.


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