Johann trusting God Sterzel

Johann trusting God Sterzel (* 4. April 1841 in Dresden, US state Missouri; † 15. May 1914 in Chemnitz) was a German paleontologist.

In the year 1838 the family Sterzel from Niederfrohna emigrated with Chemnitz with 800 Gleichgesinnten of the Stephanus movement in such a way specified to America and established themselves in the place Dresden in the State of Missouri. Three years later Johann trusting God was born. But in the same year the family already returned to its homeland.

Das König-Albert-Museum, dessen erster Direktor Johann Traugott Sterzel war
The king Albert museum, its first director Johann trusting God Sterzel was

after the primary school in Niederfrohna visited Sterzel starting from 1855 the pro seminar of the Fürstlich Schönburgi teacher min acre in forest castle. From 1856 to 1860 it was seminarist. Sterzel ranked among the best graduates of the educational facility, in which by the way also Karl May learned a class over him.

A two-year activity followed the exam as an auxiliary teacher. Afterwards Johann trusting God Sterzel went to Chemnitz and informed at the there higher Mädchenschule. It joined the scientific society and was from 1864 to 1909 their honorary Kustos. 1875 defended Sterzel its graduation.

As one around the turn of 19. to 20. Century with construction work in Hilbersdorf (today a quarter in the northeast of Chemnitz) and on the sun mountain fossil trunks found, took over Sterzel the investigation and salvage of the pieces of find. The petrified forest in such a way specified was issued first at the new Saxonian art hut. Later, after the completion of the king Albert museum the trunks before this building place found. The Sterzel appointed in the meantime the professor became 1909 first director of the newly built museum.

It died to 15. May 1914. Its grave is on the Chemnitzer cemetery at the Reichenhainer road.

The name Sterzeleanum for the petrified trunks, which are set up since 2004 in the entrance hall of the culture department store DAStietz, is dedicated to the large natural scientist.


the father of the petrified forest: Memory of Johann trusting God Sterzel. Miriquidi Verl., Niederfrohna, 2003
ISBN 3-9808333-4-8

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