Johann of Berry

Johann of Berry, frz. Jean de Berry, (* 30. November 1340; † 15. March 1416), since 1360 duke of Berry and Auvergne.

Johann supported his nephew Karl VI into the 1380er years. Into the 1390er years came it in conflict to its brother Philipp to the bold one, duke of Burgund.

Into the 1400er years transferred it the Führerschaft of its party to its son-in-law Berne pool of broadcasting corporations von Armagnac. After this the party “Armagnacs “is called.

It was collecting tank and client of precious handwriting. As Mäzen and art collecting tank he entrusted the painter Paul Limburg around the year 1410 and its brothers with the illustration of the hour book of the “Très Riches Heures “, the most famous book painting of the French Middle Ages.


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