Johanna boron man

Johanna boron man (* 10. September 1893; † 13. December 1945 in Hameln, executed) was Wärterin in different concentration camps and belonged to the attendants of the SS.

Before court boron man stated 1945 , she had joined the SS-auxiliary personnel - women were not certified as a SS-member -, around “more moneys to earn”. Their first place had it in the KZ light castle in Saxonia, where it was inserted with 49 other female SS-aids under the Oberaufseherin Jane Bernigau. 1939 were shifted it in the again created KZ Ravensbrück, in order to supervise working groups from prisoners there to. In March 1942 it was selected as Wärterin for the KZ Auschwitz I. With the prisoners it was feared because of their cruelty. Prisoners called it usually “Weisel” or “the woman with the dogs”. In October 1942 she came as Aufseherin into the extermination camp Auschwitz Birkenau. There Margot Drexler, Maria Mandel and Irma Grese belonged to their superiors.

1944 were shifted boron man in the auxiliary camp Hindenburg in Schlesien (today Zabrze/Poland). Since January 1945 it was again in the camp Ravensbrück assigned.

Still in March 1945 it began its last place in the KZ mountain Belsen, where it - like before already in Auschwitz Birkenau - worked under Josef shopkeeper, Irma Grese and Elizabeth Volkenrath.

To 15. April 1945 was released the KZ mountain Belsen by British troops, which found there over 10.000 dead ones and about 60,000 survivors. The SS-Lagerpersonal was obligated to it, all corpses abzutransportieren.

Later boron man was taken in detention and cross-examined by British military member. During the mountain Belsen process (17. September to 17. November 1945) was accused it. In testimonies before court by boron man committed murders in Auschwitz and mountain Belsen were described. In these camps the accused had rushed the-more frequent her dog on helpless prisoners.

Boron man was guiltily spoken and condemned to death by the strand. The British Henker Albert Pierrepoint the judgement in the prison of Hameln executed. There it hung the condemned Irma Grese and Elizabeth Volkenrath on the same day also.


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