Johanna Franziska of Chantal

Johanna Franziska Frémyot of Chantal (* 28. January 1572 in Dijon /France; † 13. December 1641 in Moulins) is co-foundress of the Salesianerinnen and one holy ones of the catholic church. She was the grandmother of the authoress Marie de Rabutin Chantal, Marquise de Sévigné and Schwester von André de Rabutin Chantal, the archbishop of Bourges.


Porträt von Johanna Franziska Frémyot von Chantal im Alter von etwa 30 Jahren
haven-guessed/advised of Johanna Franziska Frémyot of Chantal at the age of approximately 30 years

born as Jeanne Françoise Frémyot, daughter of the burgundischen parliament president Bénigne Frémyot and his Mrs. Marguerite de Berbisey in Dijon, married it to 29. December 1592 20-year old baron Christoph de Rabutin Chantal. From this marriage six children followed, from whom the first two children died briefly after the birth. 1596 were born Celsus Benignus, 1598 Marie Aimée, 1599 Franziska and 1601 Charlotte.

After only nine years marriage died its husband Christoph after a hunt accident in October 1601, and the 29-jährige Johanna praised after this stroke of fate to live and only to the Christian education of its children dedicate themselves from now on virgin.

Franz von Sales begegnet Johanna Franziska von Chantal - Ausschnitt aus dem Glasfenster in der Kathedrale von Annecy
Franz of Sales meets Johanna Franziska of Chantal - cutout from the Glasfenster in the cathedral of Annecy

to 5. March 1604 heard it a chamfering lecture Geneva bishop Franz von Sales in Dijon, which should affect their future life fundamentally. Between both developed from this meeting an intimate friendship, from which an active exchange of letters witnesses, from which today unfortunately only the letters of the holy Franz from Sales are received.

Easter 1607 familiar Franz of Sales that meanwhile 35-jährigen on, it wants to create a woman medal without examination, which should be accessible also older and health weak persons. Johanna Franziska was inspired of this plan, but still three further years should offense, before this could be put into practice.

Only after she knew her children well supplied, she created to 6. June 1610 together with Franz mentioned of Sales in Annecy the medal of the sisters “of afflicting Mariens “(“l'Ordre de la inspection Beatae Mariae Virginis” = OVM), also Salsianerinnen. The Kongregation dedicated itself first to the care arms and patient and later also the education of the youth. 1618 received the medal community the full church-legal acknowledgment. Already after few years the medal was common in completely France.

Haven-guessed/advised of Johanna Franziska Frémyot of Chantal

“one cannot see probably larger understanding united with deeper humility”, said Franz of Sales about Johanna Franziska of Chantal. “You simple and intimate like a child, connects however with it a serious and raised judgement is. It is a large soul, which proves courage, which is not too own otherwise to its sex " for holy enterprises.

After the holy Franz of Sales 1622 had deceased, Johanna advanced the development of the medal alone. At the end of its life it had created 87 monasteries.

1629 broke the plague off in Annecy and environment. Contrary to many different it preferred it to leave the city not to dedicate itself but self-sacrificing to the patient and dying.

During an inspection journey in the year 1641 Johanna Franziska in the monastery got sick by Moulins at pneumonia, connected with a pleurisy, and died to 13. December of the same yearly. Their body was transferred into the nut/mother house of the medal after Annecy and buried there in the afflicting church beside its medal joint founder. Also today the Basilika still saves the reliquary caskets of the two holy ones.


Johanna Franziska of Chantal became to 21. August 1751 blessedly spoken; Pope Clemens XIII. she spoke 1767 holy. It is considered as Patronin to a lucky relieving. After its death their surname became common also as first name.

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