Johanna Maier

Johanna Maier (* 1951 in wheel city) is a Austrian star cook. She is a first and so far only cook, who was distinguished by the restaurant leader Gault Millau with four hoods.

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Johannas father was a bricklayer, their nut/mother operated a small laundry. Johanna completed a cook and waiter teachings in the sports hotel of its homeland municipality wheel city. With an apprentice competition in Salzburg she learned 1968 their later married man, who active duty personnel Dietmar Maier from Filzmoos. Johanna and Dietmar Maier wentin the year 1969 together to Paris. Johanna worked first as a outer Pair, Dietmar as a trainee in a restaurant. 1971 returned both to Austria. The first child (Simone) was born, Johanna and Dietmar Maier married civil. After the birth of the second child (Tobias) 1973 church married it. They pulled into the hotel Hubertus operated by Dietmars parents in Filzmoos. Dietmar and its nut/mother led the kitchen, Johanna worried about the service and the guest rooms. 1983 came its son Dietmar to the world.

When 1984 Johannas mother-in-law died,Johanna took over the kitchen. After its first successful season the pair with a fine meal celebrated at the brothers Obauer in throwing. This became for Johanna Maier the key experience. It visited a cook seminar of several days with Dieter Mueller in bishop yards, visitierte with Hans Haas in Munich, André hunter in work living as well as Jean Georges Vongerichten in New York and got itself suggestions in the regent in Hong Kong. 1987, in the year of the birth of its fourth child (Johannes), were lent it by Gault Millau the first hood.

Today it applies in thatRiege of the point cooks as a best cook of the world.


  • I stop always on depended as the best cooks made it. And if the Bocuse wrote in such a way in an example book, then was the law. All the same, ob's thatGuest now wanted or not.
  • I am located in the kitchen, chop, agitate and wars cramp veins. I am a cook - nothing else.


  • a hood 1987
  • Trophée Gourmet of the Gourmetmagazins “A la Carte “
  • two hoods 1993
  • cook of the yearly 1996
  • Three hoods 1998
  • four hoods November 2001: “Dreams we, or we are awake? If it really gave that, this meal, so marvelously easily and precisely, so accurately in the flavours and ideas. “ Gault Millau


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