Johanna Matz

Johanna (“Hannerl”) Matz (* 5. October 1932 in Vienna) is a Austrian chamber actress.

Already as four years old ones it received with tonuses Birkmeyer to ballet instruction. 1940 to 1948 visited it the university for music and representing art in Vienna. 1950 completed it that Max Reinhardt seminar. At the time of the conclusion performance she was discovered by Berthold quarter and engaged for the castle theatre. It remained connected for the house as a member until 1993.

1951 had Johanna Matz their film debut. 1953 were gotten it by the director Otto Preminger after Hollywood, where her inthe German version of “The Moon is Blue” (dt. “The virgin on the roof”) played. Since end of the sixties the popular actress was particularly active for the Austrian television.

Johanna Matz embodied incomparably the type of the “Viennese girl “.

It lives todaywithdrawn into Vienna and Unterach at the Attersee.

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