Johanna Schopenhauer

Johanna Schopenhauer (* 9. July 1766 in Danzig, † 17. April 1839 in Jena) was a German authoress and nut/mother of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer and the authoress Luise Adelaide Lavinia Schopenhauer.


Caroline bar DUA: Johanna Schopenhauer with their daughter ennobles, 1806

Johanna Schopenhauer leaves Danzig always 1793, because she cannot resign herself to the integration Danzigs in Prussia. After a station in Hamburg it pulls after Weimar, whereit to the literary circle of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe belongs. While their stay in Weimar the banking house in Danzig makes bankruptcy, with which it loses its fortune and its financial independence, which attain it by the fortune of their deceased of man. Itfrom then on must worry itself around their income. Also long journeys as to England are so no longer possible for it off then. Consequently it dedicates strengthens the Schriftstellerei. It publishes travel narrations, novels and novellas.

Their novelsreflect very strongly their emotions concerning its past, from tyranny determined marriage. The typical Johanna Schopenhauer heroine loses her true love in tragic way and resigns themselves then to a ölonomisch reasonable, dearless and sometimes gewaltätigen marriage, refuses however outDespite and self-confident its to bear children.

1828 pulled Johanna Schopenhauer with their daughter ennoble to Bonn, where she preferably spent the winter months. In the summer it lived in Unkel on the Rhine. Briefly before their death in the year 1839 it pulledto Jena, where she deceased after few weeks.

1830 are published their 24 volumes comprehensive complete work with Brockhaus.

Johanna Schopenhauer was the first German, which earned its living costs with letters.


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