Johanna of France

of these articles is concerned with Johanna of France (1464-1505). For the French queen Johanna of Navarra (1273-1305) see there.

Johanna of France (* 23. April 1464, † 4. February 1505 in Bourges) daughter by Ludwig XI. of France and its second wife Charlotte of Savoyen. Further names and title were Jeanne de Valois, St. Jeanne, Äbtissin of Bourges, duchess of Orléans and queen of France.

Johanna with its distant cousin and later king of France Louis de Orléans was married. The marriage remained childless and became 1498 after the accession of its man divorced. She got the duchy Berry as compensation.

Johanna withdrew itself after Bourges and created there 1501 the medal of the Annuntiatinnen, which she also joined 1504.

1743 became Johanna blessedly and 1950 of Pope Pius XII. holy spoken. She is the only holy spoken queen of France (name day: 4. February).


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