Johannes Göderitz

Professor. Dr. - engineer E.h. Johannes Gustav Ludwig Göderitz (* 24. May 1888 in Ramsin with bitter field; † 27. March 1978 in brown situation) was a German architect and town planner.

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Göderitz, son of a director of mine, visited 1899 and 1908 High Schools between in resounds (Saale) and joke mountain. In the connection it went to Berlin and studied to the TH Charlottenburg 9 terms architecture.

Its vocational career began as a leader of building of governments with the citizens of Berlin regional directorate. After activities in the administration of building of military and the government in potsdam, he was drawn in from 1914 to 1918 to the war service. It tightened itself at the German west front a Verwundung.

After end of war it turned back to Berlin and was there first busy at the upper presidency as masters of building of governments. On Veranlassung farm servant citizen of the advice of building of cities Bruno thaws stepped Göderitz 1921 into the service of the city Magdeburg. First Göderitz was coworker in the work staff thaws. 1923 it became advice of building of municipal authorities, responsible for the urban above ground construction administration.

In co-operation with Konrad Rühl and Gerhard Gauger 1924 the settlement at the large these villages road (today's Hermann Beims settlement ) in Magdeburg city field west developed

1927 became it then advice of building of cities. Under the direction of Göderitz developed in Magdeburg modern strongly considered solutions concerning town construction. Also on its working the call of Magdeburg is as “city of the new building will” back supplies.

In October 1928 Göderitz submitted a Genaralbebauungsplan for the city. In its term of office developed a multiplicity of important public buildings and settlements in Magdeburg, which coin/shape the city partially until today.

Starting from 1929 Göderitz took over also the department for theatres and orchestras. 1930 it created the farm servant citizen association for German work art, whose chairman became he.

In the year 1932 Göderitz submitted a concept for the reorganization of the farm servant citizens city center .

After the seizure of power of the national socialists it, under the reproach of the culture bolshevism , became to 15. June 1933 set off. Until 1936 Göderitz was first active as a free architect in Magdeburg. From 1936 to 1945 he took over then the management of the German academy for town construction, realm and regional planning. In the years 1939 and 1940 he was also director/conductor of the working group organic urban redevelopment Berlin. 1943 and 1944 he cooperated in the regional planning community Mark Brandenburg .

After end 2. World war transferred he from 1945 to 1953 the function of an advice of building of cities to Braunschweig and taught occasionally, from 1945 to 1950, than fee professor at the TH Braunschweig regional planning, town construction and housing.

From 1960 to 1962 Göderitz was a director of the institute for town construction and housing to DOES Braunschweig. Until 1970 he was there also training representative for area planning and regional planning.


in the year 1953 Göderitz received the Ehrendoktowürde DOES Berlin Charlottenburg. The city Magdeburg designated it in honours a road (Johannes Göderitz road).

1978 were created in honours by Göderitz the Johannes Göderitz donation. This assigns annually the Johannes Göderitz price in the form of design competitions for the promotion of student and scientific work in architecture and town construction.


  • power station Magdeburg, 1923/1927
  • “country and city” resound to 1924/1926 airfield of large Cracauer
  • meadow , 1924/1925 elementary school Magdeburg Rothensee,
  • 1925/1926 transformer station in Magdeburg, 1924
  • exhibition sites red horn park in Magdeburg
  • , Magdeburg-bake-chew, 1925/1926
  • people bath Magdeburg southeast, 1926/1927
  • town hall Magdeburg, 1926/1927
  • elementary school Magdeburg William city, 1928/1929
  • strassenbahndepots in Magdeburg William city and Magdeburg-bake-chew, 1929
  • transformer station industrial estate Magdeburg Rothensee, 1929/1930
  • people bath Magdeburg south castle, 1929/1930
  • Grossgaserei Central Germany, Magdeburg, 1929/1931
  • Gruson greenhouses Magdeburg, looking house, 1930
  • water company Colbitz Letzlinger heath, Colbitz, 1930/1932
  • unemployed person settlement Lemsdorf I (at the owl ditch), 1932
  • unemployed person settlement Lemsdorf II (cross width), 1932
  • elementary school Magdeburg Cracau, 1932/1933


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